Friday, July 25, 2008

Test categories revealed

Pic comes from The Spoiler Hunter, who shot the categories inside the booth. Some were partially obscured, but using WP's moon list, it was easy to work out the last two with a different angle he also uploaded (once you have the first few letters, there's only one logical answer). So here's the list, all moons of Jupiter (though they picked random ones)...


Again, a weird combo? I see on Wikipedia that there are other ones bigger than the latter four (the former four of course are the ones first seen by Galileo). First letter acronyms at work? Come on, there must be something!

UPDATE - Get yourself over to DocArzt stat for a video from inside the booth!!! The info is not great, I think the tests themselves are merely random questions, though they will probably from this indicate personality and what job you should do for DHARMA.
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