Monday, July 07, 2008

Taking the Lostbook just that little bit more literally

I recently visited, and checked out their new flash feature entitled "Lost Book Club". Its quite a nifty little application, listing 40 books that writers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have nominated due to them being influences and featured literary works on Lost. The writers have also issued a letter with the feature, encouraging fans to read the books and take some enjoyment out of their interesting narratives. With some of the finest literature around, its a great list.

This was what got me thinking. What if, Lostpedia ran a scheme similar in nature, but taking the writers hopes just that little but further. We could choose a book, have a reading time (say, 3 weeks), during which time the book could be discussed on a special subforum on Lostpedia forums and on Lostpedia IRC Chat. Then after the 3 weeks, a moderated live chat could be conducted on Lostpedia Chat, discussing the book and its comparisons to Lost. Then we could take a well-earned week off, and then with the new month, a new title. Discussions on what books should be for future months could be proposed on the forum at all times, and this project could continue right up until the new Season 5.

Could this project work? Well I think it could really be interesting, it would get people involved in books featured on the show, encompassing our core aim - knowledge relating to Lost. At the same time, by being involved in the project and borrowing the books would help your local libraries and generally encourage reading (not to get all "magic of reading" on you). Or, buying the books if you wanted could expand your bookshelf for ostentatious purposes. But seriously, it'd be a fun project and great all round.

But the question remains, though there's been interest, would a good sum of people actually be willing to do the reading as part of the scheme? However, Lostpedia has always taken risks, and the benefits of this could be really great for the community, and the fanbase as a whole. We'd love to hear from you, and especially your ideas on books or how we could build on the initial ideas presented here. I think though, if we were to take it further, we'd have to have a certain King novel to start it off. Even if Ben thinks its depressing... well I guess he's out of the book club, anyway.
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