Thursday, July 24, 2008

Comic Con Reports!!!

Details are beginning to trickle through about what's going down at Comic Con. I see DarkUFO has a number of cool pics courtesy of old fave Ryan Ozawa (he did the Transmission, v. v. popular fan podcast).

However, a special thanks to Lostpedia member Burncycle16, who has sent us a report of what happened. I summarize his story below (I took this from the Octagon Global Recruiting Lostpedia page:

Lostpedia has begun to get reports from Comic Con. Note that these are as of yet mostly unverified. At the Octagon Global Recruiting booth, fans are given a waiver form and an appointment time by DHARMA staff (all with Australian accents). At their appropriate time, they can enter the booth, which has cameras on the ceiling (these appear to feed outside the booth so observers can see what is going on). With a set of headphones and television equipment, participants are shown images or given a series of questions, and have to say what first pops into their heads. Some of the images in particular are reportedly very bizarre. Questions are then asked such as "You just took away a child's favorite toy. Why?" Reportedly, fans have an option of what type of test they can take by choosing a different name. One fan claimed that one of the test names was pronounced similar to "Europa" (a character in Greek mythology).

The test apparently lasts about five minutes, and upon completion you are told whether you passed or not (it's likely everyone will "pass" as part of the ARG). Participants are then told to make sure they see the Lost panel on Saturday, and have their test sheet with them (they apparently make a point of having your own sheet with you). They are also given an ID card, which includes special details which can, from July 28th, be entered on to allow those who took the test to register for "phase 2" of the application process.

Pretty awesome stuff. There was apparently also a flyer of note, and the booth itself, sporting a funky more 21st Century DHARMA logo. I guess it really is getting revived. Also the attendees were troopers for staying in character - Diggler on our Forums reports overhearing the blonde lady "Yes. We're an actual REAL organization currently trying to recruit new members", when she was questioned by a fan in serious need of grasping the concept of ARG.

Other news - all the DHARMA staff have Australian accents. Ryan Ozawa also interviewed one of the attendees called Emma, who claimed she's been working with DHARMA now for the past five years (she's probably the blonde girl).
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