Monday, May 07, 2007

Lost will end in 2010

And so, after much whispering and promises of possibly one of Lost's biggest true mysteries being solved, we learn that Lost will finish in the year 2010.

USA Today reports that Lost will run for three more Seasons, though shortened to only 16 episodes each, airing February-May each year. Quite an unusual move its fair to say, will they be able to keep their fans when their hiatus lasts each year for like eight months? I'm sure they will, though.

I'm guessing this new format will run with immediate effect of Season 4, the first episode of which will then air February 2008, and run without interference of recap shows straight down to May.

Comments though - is six Seasons too much? About 117(ish) episodes? The writers I believe had always wanted about 4/5 Seasons and about 100 episodes? Is this a good compromise considering the writers desperately wanted to end it on their own terms and not drag out the mysteries more than they had planned? Would you prefer a fourth and fifth Season with 24 episodes each, rather than four five and six with sixteen? And what will you, the fan, do each year for 8 months without a Lost fix?!!
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