Thursday, May 10, 2007

The mystery mutt revealed

A little update on that dog painting. Earlier today I got an email from one of my sources (I say sources to make it sound like I have a legion when in reality I have about two). Anywayz, she told me a little more about the whole production side of things. Apparently, that pooch you see in Jacob's house is a painting of Lulu, as in the dog of Jack Bender, executive producer director and all the rest on Lost. Interesting stuff, especially as we know he picks up his brush quite a lot for the show - like the mural in the Swan, those Thomas paintings and those in the Widmore office. There does seem a little discrepancy though as, indeed I'm no artist connoisseur, but the Lulu pic seems a bit different to some of Jack's other work. At any rate, it answers the question of the dog's breed - female Airedale-terrier mix - ha I'm really not surprised nobody has clocked that one yet.....

By the way, here's the proof on this claim as well (my sources know I won't take any theories without citation, I'm a Lostpedian), check out the Honolulu Advertiser. Permit me to quote: "...Lulu is also scheduled to make an appearance in one of this season's upcoming episodes. Which one? Bender won't say."

So we know the "actor" as it were, but who exactly is Lulu portraying? She has made a few appearances on the show, not only in an Eko flashback in Nigeria, but also at the Others camp. So maybe Jacob's painting was just of the dog seen in the Barracks (well I say seen, but the only shot I've found is this promotional photo). Let's call it a half-solved mystery, and call it a day.
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