Thursday, May 10, 2007

Invisible man's best friend

Damn, hardly any easter eggs to report this week as far as I can see, the face and this painting is about as good as it gets. I checked out the teacher blackboard for clues and found nothing but boring volcano stuff they probably pulled from a textbook, I looked at every DHARMA logo I could see to find nothing new (other than that Horace worked in the Arrow a lot - possibly a restocker or something I'd guess). I listened to Marvin speak about the sonic fence and about the mission to preserve life and stuff, but nothing extremely eye-catching.

Anyway, to this painting. An interesting one really, I'm not a dog owner so I don't know the breed - if anyone else does please drop us a comment. I don't see a Vincent resemblance though like some people have said (how does that look like Vincent?!). I like the theory that maybe its a self-portrait - cause you'd wanna be invisible if you were a dogman - great logic. I must say when Ben said "John meet Jacob", and there was nothing there, I was expecting the camera to tilt down and reveal some mutt, the big reveal that the Others follow orders from a lovable pooch (i.e. that Ben has deceived them, not that they all have a screw loose).

So is the dog Jacob's? Does it hold any actual relevance? Obviously its not a famous painting as it looks like it was still on an easel, but who painted it?
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