Thursday, May 17, 2007

Easter bunny!

I'll admit that I haven't actually watched the ep properly yet, hence why I'll wait til later today before I post more eggs, but I couldn't resist searching "The Looking Glass" on Lostpedia first.

Check it out, a bunny station! Is there some pop culture reference I'm missing here? Why a rabbit? See the brushed up Lostpedia version too, thanks to the graphics guys for that one. And is it a production error that its called "hatch" - isn't that a castaway name for the stations, I didn't think DHARMA also referred to them like that.

And those two mystery women, named Greta and Bonnie by the way, thanks once again to ABC's press release giving more than its share.

There was also a really weird equation on those documents. If any of you are mathematical experts, drop us a line. Apologies for the blurryness:

UPDATE! - Well check this link out, bottom of page 30 (by the way it takes a lil time to load):

Well done to Frenkmelk there for that one. The equation has also been broken down:

Ht(t) = Astronomical tide at time t (ft, m)
a = Tidal amplitude (ft, m)
t = Time (hr)
T = Tidal period (hr)
Z = Vertical offset or datum adjustment (ft, m)

Looks like its all to do with the tides and such, interesting stuff!
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