Thursday, May 17, 2007

Darling its better, down where its wetter...

Damn you Disney classics, gonna be humming that all day. Well anyway let's hope its better, for Charlie's sake, but let's take a better look at these two ladies.

K first up in the rogues gallery we've got Bonnie, seemingly the one in charge? Well they gave her a close-up so you'd think. She looks a little familiar actually, but the actress hasn't appeared in other episodes so it must just be a "she's guest starred on another show I like" thing.

Next we got Greta, who I've heard people saying looks a lot like Cassidy. However, the actress is different, so highly unlikely its a press bluff. Not much to say about her either, other than you might recognize her as Sarah Gavin from 24 Season 4? There's also the crackpot theory that Greta is a diminutive form of Margaret which means Pearl. Also, St Margaret is a patron saint of expectant mothers. Watertight.... excuse the pun.

Not much else easter egg wise, I'll hold off til tomorrow's episode review. Some good stuff to comment on, including Charlie's excellent parenting style, wisely putting a small metal choke-able object in a baby's crib.
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