Friday, May 04, 2007

Episode Review - The Brig

A manipulative episode if ever I saw one. Ben tricking Locke, Locke tricking Sawyer, Juliet apparently tricking everyone, Naomi possibly doing the same. Who can you trust on Lost right now? Even Hurley is keeping secrets.

Firstly, lets look at Ben's tactics. I'm slowly picking up on some of his little nudges that push people in the right directions. Like him advising Locke to see Kate, thereby adding to the plan of her with Juliet. Then allowing Locke to hear Juliet's tape and disclosing him about details of his plans, either to make him feel like he was on the in-crowd, or knowing full well he'll tell the beach camp (for some greater deception planned). Furthermore, I noticed that Ben seemed to quickly dispose of Locke the moment he was fully healed by presumably having him around. Was that all Ben wanted him for, so he could heal up and then embarrass him? It was nice to hear him explain things a bit though, mainly that the magic box IS a metaphor (I'm guessing the writers just wanted to clarify that for all those who thought he was actually being literal).

Now to Naomi's possible deception. Is she lying? She seems like she's telling the truth, and Cooper seemed to support her claim by also adding that he thought Locke had died in the plane crash (though then again he could assume they died without knowing Naomi's story). Its a plausible tale though, the plane crashed off the coast of Bali in an ocean trench four miles deep. They sent cameras down and the bodies were all there. And if they are not all dead - then how is it possible without leading to "their subconsciouses were sent through a wormhole" or some other elaborate cop out theory. The only explanation I like is the government cover-up thing, good that no human has seen the wreckage, just cameras. Anyone notice that Rousseau's maps look a lot like the topography of the Bali area though?

Also with Naomi's story - her company was hired by Penelope Widmore, seems fair enough, we know Penny has enough money and determination to find Desmond. But her story about the Island was interesting - in the middle of the ocean, one day the clouds suddenly parted and she saw land. So is the Island like Lemuria or Atlantis then? Can we establish that if its at the coordinates Penny gave, at least the Island doesn't actually move? But then why would you need a sonar beacon to find it?

Going back to the Others again, a few things seemed to not add up. First, how are the Others supposed to be the good guys yet are advocating cold blooded murder on Cooper's behalf? A gesture of free will, but I was surely expecting it to be a faith test ala Mt. Scottish plonk and the test of Abraham. And then with Richard saying the pregnancy issue is a novelty. Obviously the Island has bigger mysteries, and he must think Ben is focusing on a side-effect rather than the real issues. Maybe Ben is taking the Others on that kind of pointless side-mission as he knows they can never research the Island's true mysteries? Ben does seem to care a lot about his image and quelling unrest amongst his group.

Next to Anthony Cooper, or his other countless names. Well done to those who spotted the Tom Sawyer thing - Huck Finn really was taken I guess. Tom Sawyer was a character in books by Mark Twain, apparently mischievous in nature who liked to con the people around him playfully. Also, Lostpedians have added that he was often barefooted, perhaps something the writers reflected on when they wrote the episode that Sawyer should be barefooted as he followed Locke? But back to the reality, and did Locke actually imagine Cooper to the Island? To be honest, I think the Others took him there ("The man in the ambulance actually smiled at me" - that's got evil Ethan / Alpert written all over it I think).

Lastly, things to look forward to. First we got why Rousseau needs dynamite. Is she intending to get Alex back through force? I'm guessing this'll probably be resolved for the explosive season finale ABC keep peddling. Then there's Sayid and why he was digging a hole, if it is even relevant at all? It must be though, right? But then again I doubt any on-Island flashbacks with Sayid, so the issue will have to be resolved some other way pretty quickly, if it is an issue. Then last but not least, Jack, who seems to be getting more annoying by the millisecond, no wonder no-one trusts him. What is his and Juliet's secret? Its obviously something to do with the Island... that ships that come to rescue them will never leave cause of the tide? We know Juliet knew something about the water from The Glass Ballerina, where she said about the Losties having a boat "Going in circles will keep them busy". Is that the secret, or does Jack know more about how the Island is invisible to the outside world?

With Sawyer on his way back with the tape, and Locke heading for Ben for Island answers, it looks like a number of mysteries will hit the fans next week, particularly if the whisperings about the next flashback are anything to go by.
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