Thursday, May 24, 2007


Well as far as witty blog titles go.... sorry, just watched the ep, confused would be one word for my head right now.

I'm on the hunt for some easter eggs now (I like to at least enjoy the episode before pausing every frame), so I'll get back with anything good ASAP, and naturally episode blog tomorrow. In the meantime, think about the future Jack and Kate (I bet Fox and Lilly are loving the job security right now), think about Desmond and Penny (how'd she phone so quick), think about Naomi (who the hell are her team then if they're not working for Penny?!), and think about dear Charlie and heroic Hurley.

What will happen next? The Others on the run, some with the Losties, a new array of cast members from Naomi's ship (all bad guys). No point scratching my head too much today, I've got eight months to make sense of it.
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