Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost University - New ARG and Blu-Ray supplement have launched a new website "Lost University" at Comic-Con. Coming soon to Blu-Ray Hi-Def, Lost University seems to be a new ARG and supplementary Blu-Ray disc on the mystery and themes of Lost, allowing you to dig into more information about the show's background.

You can sign up now to get an email closer to when enrolement starts (22nd September 2009 - 5 years to the day since the show first aired, and Flight 815 crashed). The University course seems to be split into two semesters with courses beginning December 8th 2009 (The US launch date of the fifth season Blu-Ray DVDs). The courses include His 101: Writing on the Wall, Art 101 : Seminar - Inspiration and Expression with Jack Bender, Phi 101 : I'm Lost Therefore I Am and Phy 101 : Introductory Physics of Time Travel.

Take a look at the introduction video:

There will be apparently lots of content on the website, which will be further supported by the Blu-Ray box set and iPhone applications to download. You can also buy LU merchandise like hoodies, t-shirts and baseball caps from the ABC website. Visiting the website now will give you a good overview of what to expect from LU when it begins.

It looks like an interesting take on getting further into the background of Lost.

So an ARG and a Blu-Ray disc in the fifth season DVD box-set to accompany it seem to be on the way! Look out for more information coming at Comic-Con, no doubt.

Sign up to get an email reminder when LU opens at
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