Friday, July 24, 2009

Lost Mysteries

And suddenly even more developments occurring before Comic-Con has even started (I warned you this would happen!) - not only do we have Lost University and some mysterious guy up on his Latin, but ABC have also launched

From what we can see here, a series of 80's documentary videos full of crackpot theories will be posted over the coming weeks. The first video just gives a bit of history of secret societies like the Freemasons, but then discusses the DHARMA Initiative briefly. The video description says:
"A project discussed for years in and around conspiracy circles. Once thought to be lost, this explosive documentary series has never been seen before...until now."

Looks like over the weeks there'll be further videos on differing topics, perhaps not just DHARMA. Also checked out DarkUFO's blog, and a user there is reporting there that there was an advert in Entertainment Weekly for KIA that stated the videos would be released: 7/23/09, 8/4/09, 9/8/09, 10/15/09 and 11/16/09. She suggests that all the vids will be on DHARMA, but I'm not so sure having watched the video... perhaps the spread in the magazine sheds more light (if anyone can get a scanned copy of that, that'd be amazing). As a final thought, it seems like KIA is also sponsoring the webpage for the Mysteries show. This has got me mildly excited as it seems like specific sponsorship... not heard of since the days of The Lost Experience. If this is the case, we might be getting an intricate ARG with the availability of funds from sponsorship!
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