Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Lost Rewatch: 1x20 "Do No Harm"

We've struck episode twenty of Lost. It's the first of three episodes this week, which will include "The Greater Good" and "Born to Run" in addition to this episode. In this episode, as Boone's condition worsens, Jack struggles to try to save his life. Elsewhere, Claire enters labor, but without Jack, Charlie and Kate are forced into a role they had not prepared themselves for. Flashbacks in this episode take place around the events of Jack's wedding with the soon to be Sarah Shephard. The majority of this episode revolves around Jack trying to keep Boone from dying, and thus story content isn't as rich as it could be, especially in relation to later episodes.

  • Jack's friend Marc shops for tuxedos with Jack. We've seen Marc before, being beaten up by Meathead in "White Rabbit."
  • It's interesting to note that as they are looking for Shannon, the scene switches to the wedding reception where Sarah gets up to speak. Sarah tells of her car accident, which actually killed Shannon's father, Adam Rutherford.
  • Jack and the other survivors develop a plan to chop off Boone's leg using the door of a cargo container, which would have made Boone yet another one of the many amputees we've seen on the show. Perhaps Boone's refusal of the amputation means that he remained whole, perhaps spiritually. It's all metaphorical, of course.
  • Boone tells Jack that he's "letting him off the hook," a line that Rose told Jack earlier. Ironically enough, Rose and Boone made their first appearances on the show together.
  • Aaron is born as Boone dies, a perfect juxtaposition of life and death. As one character fades out, another comes alive. I have a feeling that Aaron will become more important as the show moves on, even though at present he's living with his grandmother, Carole Littleton.
  • The moment of Aaron's birth was actually witnessed by Sawyer during the time flashes. It's great to watch that episode and realize that Sawyer is standing just off camera, watching the birth happen.
  • We then see the seeds of hatred toward Locke really start to sew in Jack. Jack thinks that Locke murdered Boone, though he will later forget about this and focus on the more important aspects of their personalities, their beliefs in science and their beliefs in faith. However, Jack will eventually come to see it Locke's way, but by the time he does this fully, Locke will have already been killed.
And that does it for the episode. It's not the most content-rich episode, but it certainly is a milestone, providing us with the first death of a main character. Look for the blog for the next episode, "The Greater Good," soon. You can discuss this episode in this forum thread, read others' posts about it at the rewatch hub, and edit the episode's article.
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