Sunday, July 26, 2009

Comic Con Promo Videos

From what I had heard from Comic Con visitors, I believed only fun and jokey videos were aired at the show this year. This was a little disappointing, as there was such a precedent for shocking videos that I thought this year would be no different, especially with it being the final panel for LOST.

However, DocArzt's crew tipped me off to the fact that not only were some videos jokey, but they also had some astonishing aspects to them. Below is the video. Now as I said in my previous post, I don't do spoilers but I don't consider this necessarily a spoiler - as with the Chang videos of previous years I consider it to be ARG-like revelation content. That said, the repurcussions of this video are huger I think than any previous Con video, so in that sense, you could be major league spoiled. Here's the video anyway, and I'll post additional comments underneath in white font so you have to highlight it to read the interpretation. That should suffice, if you don't want to know, don't watch the video and don't highlight the text. Also avoid the comments section, as there might be direct discussion points from readers. You have been warned!

So what can we gleam from these videos? Well it's pretty obvious - it seems to suggest that they have in fact re-written the timeline. Remember how Chang's video last year told us all "they go back in time". Well this year's one says "they actually did it". Hurley's bad luck with the lottery seems very interesting - why would the numbers no longer be cursed, because the Island doesn't exist anymore? And the Oceanic advert - "Since 1979... 30 years with a perfect safety record..." - so no crash on September 22nd then! How will the storyline develop if none of the last five seasons ever happened (bar flashbacks)?! Will destiny rewrite things? Will there be other timelines with Sun and people? Does that make Jacob still alive? Charlie? Shannon? Michael... everyone!

Update - Another video promo is also available, focusing on another character:

Apparently you CAN make a difference!
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