Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Lost Rewatch: 2x01 "Man of Science, Man of Faith" and 2x02 "Adrift"

And thus we begin season two, with the introduction of one of my favorite characters ever. After season one's ending with that infamous cliffhanger, season two begins with a bang. With the Hatch now open, Kate and Locke ignore Jack's warnings and venture down the shaft without him.

  • We meet Desmond under the hatch. Ah, Desmond, the Scotsman who will soon become an integral part to the show. Who could imagine the show without him now?
  • Sarah's wreck from the flashbacks killed Adam Rutherford. If you look closely, you can see Shannon in the scene.
  • Jack's key is magnetically attracted to the concrete wall. That's because of the electromagnetism from that particular spot, where DHARMA found it.
I know they are shorter synopses this week, but on to episode two!

  • The shark that's harassing Michael and Sawyer has somehow escaped the Hydra DHARMA station, where a harness was seen in the tank that Jack was being held prisoner in.
  • The "Others" that Jin talks about are actually the tail section survivors.
I'm sorry that this blog is so short and uninteresting, but there is not much new content to work with. See you next week on the Lost Rewatch.
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