Sunday, July 26, 2009


Apologies for a little radio silence on the Comic Con front here at Lostpedia, guys. We kind of made the exec decision to not post about the bits we heard, cause I think with the most stringent spoiler policy of any Lost site, it just didn't make sense when I know a lot of people out there don't want to know the Season 6 spoilers told.

But here is the full Comic Con 09 video in very nice quality for your viewing pleasure. Full credit is given to DocArzt and the uploader Tostie14. While I won't comment on any of the content involving the Q&A and whatever, I will be doing a separate post on two promotional videos that aired during the session. These I do not consider spoilers, and are similar to the Chang video we saw over the last two years. Thus, they are ARG-like clues in my mind and not in any way spoilery. I'll make it all clear in my next post though and ensure nobody gets spoiled should they consider the ads to be as such.

Finally, I'm not going to ask that comments to this post be regulated to avoid spoilers of what was said. If you don't want to see what others are saying about the video, then just don't click on the comments section.

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