Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Lost Rewatch: 1x22 "Born to Run"

We're edging closer to wonderful, wonderful season two, but first we have to go through episode 1x22, "Born to Run," another Kate-centric episode. I'm not particularly fond of Kate-centrics (or Kate herself, for that matter), but regardless, I'm sure this episode has a few interesting moments that are worth discussing. With news that the raft must leave at once to avoid changing winds, Kate decides that she needs to be one of the passengers, attempting to steal Sawyer's spot. Meanwhile, suspicion abounds after Michael's drinking water is tampered with. Flashbacks in this episode focus on Kate reuniting with Tom after learning about her mother having cancer.

  • Before we get started, it's worth noting that this episode is known as "Time Capsule" in Japan.
  • Charlie mentions to Kate that record sales for Drive Shaft will have spiked when he "died," and when he "comes back alive" they will increase even more (much like record sales of Michael Jackson albums have increased recently). He's right -- Naomi will later tell him that Drive Shaft released a "Greatest Hits" album in honor of Charlie, increasing the band's popularity and fanbase.
  • Enter Leslie Arzt, the world's most annoying teacher, who also happens to be one of the most memorable characters on the show, thanks in part to his not-so-glorious death in "Exodus, Part 2." Arzt is complaining that they need to launch the raft as soon as possible, but later tells Michael that he made up the story about the monsoon in order to provoke the raft to launch sooner. ("Tropical Depression")
  • We meet Tom Brennan, a younger version of whom we saw shoplifting with Kate in "The Incident." They dig up a time capsule in a New Kids on the Block lunchbox, which is what Jacob paid for when Kate was caught trying to steal it.
  • Walt, through touching Locke, knows about the hatch. Probably Walt's telepathy at work, but it another power to add to the list of Walt's abilities.
  • Kate's mom cries for help, just like she promised to do in "Left Behind."
And that does it for "Born to Run." Next week we'll finish of season one and begin season two! Look for the blog for the next episode, "Exodus, Part 1," soon. You can discuss this episode in this forum thread, read others' posts about it at the rewatch hub, and edit the episode's article.
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