Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Lost Rewatch: 1x21 "The Greater Good"

Moving on to episode 21, "The Greater Good," we come closer to ending season one. With news of Boone's death sweeping the camp, Shannon decides to take the law into her own hands and go after Locke, whom she blames for the tragedy. Flashbacks in this episode focus on Sayid's time in Australia and what he was doing there.

  • Sayid is so desperate to find Nadia that he becomes a mole in a terrorist cell. It's sad now, to think that he spent so many years of his life striving to find a woman that he would have a very short time with before she was taken from him again - this time permanently.
  • Charlie gives the baby the name turnip-head as a substitute until Claire decides on a real name. Charlie will keep calling him that, even after Claire names the baby Aaron. It's a nice genesis to a recurring theme on the show.
  • Charlie tells Claire that no one will take the baby, though soon Rousseau will do just that. Charlie will also take the baby himself during season two, though his visions and nightmares are more guilty than he is.
  • Locke reveals that he destroyed the transciever, though he hides his true motives. But, like I've said before, he'll destroy plenty of more things in order to stay on the Island.
  • Charlie, while singing "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" to Aaron, accidentally botches the lyrics, saying the rain "drowned" the spider out. This odd little scene was actually very neat foreshadowing to "Through the Looking Glass," when Charlie himself drowned. Coincidence or careful planning on the part of the writers? Let me know what you think.
  • Walt asks Michael what would happen if a shark attacked, which Michael brushes off. However, after Walt is taken from the raft, a shark from the Hydra does indeed attack.
It's another short episode, I know, but this episode mainly serves the purpose of showing repercussions of Boone's death, and not of much else. Look for the blog for the next episode, "Born to Run," soon. You can discuss this episode in this forum thread, read others' posts about it at the rewatch hub, and edit the episode's article.
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