Monday, April 27, 2009

Submit your questions for Leslie Ishii!

Leslie Ishii, the actress who plays Lara Chang (Pierre's wife, Miles' mother) on Lost, has agreed to do an interview with Lostpedia. Questions are currently being taken for the actress. The deadline for submissions is May 14, the day after the season finale, to give you time to ask questions about the season as a whole, if she makes any more appearances. Make sure you get any and all questions that you have for Ms. Ishii in by that date.

As for where you can submit your questions, there are, as always, two main places. There is a thread on the forums, linked here, where you can submit your questions for consideration. You can also submit your questions on the wiki talk page, linked here. And also, for the first time ever, we are accepting question submissions through our Twitter site. If you use Twitter and want to submit your questions that way, simply tweet your question and mark it with the hashtag #lplara, and it will be added to the possible questions list.

Thanks, and have fun with the questions!
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