Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Are Some Things Best Left Unanswered?

The recent Lostpedia Q&A with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse - which, by the way, awesome - left me with one particular thing to ponder. When asked about Libby the writers basically said that this may be something that will be left unanswered, as their priorities are on the more pressing bits of mythology that need answering pronto.

Now this is fair enough I guess - but I did kind of take umbrage with their opinion that Libby is a low down question to answer. It's my personal opinion that when you actually END an episode with Libby at Hurley's mental institute - and this is used as the end of Lost episode 'OMG' cliffhanger moment - to leave this unanswered is a bit of a cop out. But am I just being a bit pedantic and hoping for too many answers?? As a Lostpedian, the word pedantic is pretty much your middle name.... but are some questions just sacred ground to us? Are there any questions that you guys would be outraged about if they weren't answered on the show? Are there any questions you wouldn't really care about learning the truth about or not? Are we being a little too glass half full believing all our questions will be solved when he hit the end of Lost days?
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