Wednesday, April 15, 2009

DHARMA Day Interview Special!

In honor of this being Lost Wednesday, the interview team at Lostpedia has posted two new interview for you to read! Both actors first appeared in the episode "LaFleur" earlier this year, and both their characters were members of the DHARMA Initiative. So, we're calling today DHARMA Day, in celebration of these two newLostpedia-exclusive interviews.

The first of the two interviews is with Molly McGivern, who played Rosie. If you don't remember, Rosie was the girl the security guy was dancing with at the beginning of "LaFleur." In the interview, McGivern reveals more about the role, including why she's credited for "Namaste" even though she doesn't appear! You can read her interview here.

The second of these two interviews with with Christopher Jaymes, who played the doctor in "LaFleur" (you know, the one who didn't want Juliet to operate on Amy). In the interview, Jaymes lets on his other projects (which include directing and writing), and also shares a painful anecdote about stepping on sea urchins. You can read his interview here.

But that's all for now. Check back in the coming months for interviews with Bobby Roth, Skye McCole Bartusiak, and many more! And don't forget that Lost comes on tonight at 9/8c.
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