Thursday, January 01, 2009

Book Club Watches The Watchmen

Happy New Year everyone! Taking a quick breather from Ajira for a moment, I'm pleased to announce that the Lostpedia Book Club is now starting "Watchmen" by Alan Moore. Though a graphic novel, it is one of the most respected books of the 20th Century (the only graphic novel in TIME magazine's best 100 books of the century). It is also set to become a major blockbuster of a movie in the coming months - so it's a great opportunity for you to get to know the incredibly complicated story before you're thrusted upon that world at the movies.

To discuss Watchmen and its relation to LOST on the Forums, see this thread. Please also consider voting for future reads on this thread, as we want your ideas! As usual, you can also discuss the book on Lostpedia's IRC Chatroom too. Hope you enjoy it!

As for February, it's been decided that we will move back to the work of Stephen King, and read "The Stand" - referenced so many times by the writers as a huge influence on LOST, you wouldn't believe. Thus, it's a great choice for the on-season time. Check out Amazon here for buying, and here for libraries in the US so you can borrow.
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