Thursday, January 15, 2009

DSA 8 on the way

The post isn't out yet, but thought I'd just drop in a quick message about it - as they're usually released at the start of the week, so you may be wondering what's up. A new update is coming, but still about 30 hours to go yet (at time of posting). Here's hoping it'll be something good. Keep updated at the Dharma Special Access site and watch the countdown.

Sidebar - I've also just joined the world of Twitter to accompany the blog. It'll be sort of semi-official Lostpedia stuff, as I think it'll just be myself updating it, but I think the truly diehard fans will find it useful. I'll be posting brief descriptions when there are ARG advances or general LOST news, along with the occasional rant post (thank god Twitter folk don't mind that sort of thing). I think it'll be nice as I can update it quickly instead of posting a detailed blog post much later - and also comment on episodes too. So, if you'd like to join - I'm at nicklostpedia - "nickb123" and "lostpedia" were both taken annoyingly (the latter by the Italian site administrators).
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