Friday, January 16, 2009

DSA Week 8 Appears From Nowhere

Remind me to not pay attention to that silly countdown timer on the Dharma Special Access site, as the Week 8 email has been sent out and we have access. Head on over and use the password 'bharosa'

So what do we have this week? Well first off, the weekly email confirms the first two episodes airing next week, along with their titles (check the wiki if you wanna know). Also confirms there'll be a quick recap feature before the episodes begin, to refresh our memories.

In terms of exclusive stuff, there's a scene from the new series featuring the Oceanic 6, Des and Penny (I found it a great scene - sowed up a few continuity issues). Finally, there's a video featuring all the Season 5 promoshots of the cast - little boring as most of you will have seen them before. But if not, filler content.

Roll on next week!
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