Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mr Bentham, I Got Destiny On Line One

How long has it been since the last episode of LOST? Too long. And now the wait is almost over. LOST airs Wednesday 8pm EST!!!

Get the most out of the experience with Lostpedia. Naturally, the wiki will be there for after the episode airs to be filled with knowledge. The Forums will be thriving with discussion and theorizing. But not only that - we also encourage you to check out the Lostpedia Chat function. Not only can you chat about the episode in IM, but a number of users are going to be using the channel on Wednesday for an "as-it-airs" talk. It'll be a great opportunity to know how other fans are reacting, share those beautiful "what the hell" moments with like-minded people, and hear what others are saying about events as they happen. Not only that, but a separate chatroom on the same server is being run in tandem, for those a few hours behind at PST time, who still want to enjoy this unique experience.

So how do you join the Chat? Well, if you have an IRC client, you can log on through #lostpedia at (to use the PST room, it's #lp-pst). Alternatively, you can use this direct link through the Gamesurge web client (if you want the PST room, go here). Alternatively again, you can get a ChatZilla extension if you're on Firefox. A full step-by-step help guide is also available on the Lostpedia wiki here.

Just a note that spoilers are not allowed in either chan - break the rule and be banned... it's as simple as that. Also, internationals (e.g. UK fans) bear in mind that Lostpedia and all it's areas (wiki, Forum, Chat) run off US airtimes. Though we are always considerate (e.g. we try not to put what happened on the Main Page so you don't get spoiled), we can't guarantee your spoiler safety - so remember this when going on Chat, etc.

Enjoy the 2-hour event, Wednesday on ABC!
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