Friday, December 19, 2008

Wikia - Some of the changes

I just thought it might be useful to put some details in a list of the changes we have seen as we moved over to the new Lostpedia platform on Wikia

New Look
A new look based upon the Monaco skin, that i affectionately call Lostaco. All the original Lostpedia skins; both the Mediawiki Monobook default, and the Lostbook design for signed in users are available, or should soon be available to Lostpedia users in the very near future so the site can look identical to how you used to like it.

For signed in users there are only adverts on the front page. No more adverts in the content, and no more green link adverts!

New License
The text contents of Lostpedia is now licensed under GFDL. Making Lostpedia completely free to all. You can do whatever you like with the data now! Its free, as in really free!
Sorry, this was a mistake due to the setup of the Wiki not being complete. My apologies!

Page Ratings
Pages are rateable. Rating pages will alert the user base to quality issues, so they can be rectified.

And also while I'm here a quick note on the content coming to Lostpedia soon

New Main Page
Whilst the old main page was adequate, we realise that there is massive potential for a new main page. We will be introducing a more concise and clearer main page design soon, hopefully just after New Year, that should inform you of the latest news from around the web on Lost, as well as make it even easier to navigate the site.

WYSIWYG editor
For those of you who aren't code junkies, a new WYSIWYG editor should soon be available in order to allow you to create pages.
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