Tuesday, December 02, 2008

DSA: Week 2

Dharma Special Access has updated with a new week's worth of exclusive LOST content. If you weren't around last week - basically the guys are giving us exclusive content every week through the web, to make up for the fact that Dharma has had its funding cut from those running it (I feel a deja vu coming on, the year was 1987, it was a cold winter...). Anyway, this week Damon and Carlton are offering us all priority access to the following vids, before they get posted on ABC in a couple of days:

1) A first-look preview of Season 4 DVD features.

2) An interview with Rebecca Mader (Charlotte).

3) A sneak-peek at episode 5x01!!!

To see these great videos, head on over to the DSA site, and use the password "qilak"! Adding to the positive feedback, a big thanks to the guys for this - everyone seems to be enjoying them from what I've heard!

P.S. D & C also mention in their email that you can get a nice recession-busting 10% discount at meltcomics.com (the place where last week's exclusive video was from). Just use the promo code "DSA".
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