Saturday, December 20, 2008

Report bugs/comments/criticisms about the switch

Hey all, as you've been seeing, Lostpedia has been going through major transition and admittedly major teething issues to boot. If you've found any issues, then post em on the wiki, Forum, IRC or in the blog comments section, and we'll try and sort em out.

Some problems are about username conflict (we can help you with that and let you choose a new name if we can't just give you your old one back). Others are talking about the ads (if you log in, there are only ads on the Main Page under the default skin - with Monobook you might get some ads even when logged in though we're working on fixing that one). Non-logged in people will see some nasty ads unfortunately, but I think they're better than some of the ones we had in the past like those nasty green ad hyperlinks.

As I say, drop us a message about any problems you're finding. We're also working hard on the Main Page to make it look more user-friendly - so a total revamp will probably occur. If you've got any ideas or wiki template ideas for that one, again let us know!

Stay tuned for Dharma Special Access Week 5 in a couple of days!
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