Monday, December 29, 2008

Ajira - Some Assembly Required

Months of waiting, and finally Ajira Airways has become a fully fledged ARG site, with loads of new material about this mysterious company. First off there's an exotic promo video, with a weird image of a limo driver (pictured), holding the number 316 and some... Arabic?

Among their other stuff of interest is a crazily reasonable $87, which gets you a trip to a mystery location around the world where "time and space have no consequence". Another reference to what we've by now gathered is the Season 5 theme.

Another weird inclusion is in the site source code - a big thanks to 'The Immortal Dave' who pointed out that there's some hexidecimal code there, which translates to "For God so love the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life." From John 3:16. Comment with your speculation about the meaning of that one. Didn't Eko's stick say John 3:16?

Also check out this page on the site, where there's a link to download an origami instruction pack to make a 3D ball. I remember that one from high school... But who is the uploader, Antonio B. MacCutcheon? Does he have a link to the whisky brand?

Next, check out this sample boarding card image from the site. Notice the DHARMA bagua style in the background, along with some familiar Swan hieroglyphs. Maybe the barcode numbers/letters also have some significance?

Lastly, the site mentions about its Sky Club membership - typical for most airlines, right? But what I found interesting was the mention "Redemption provides you a solo seat or a chance to charter your own personal plane. Your destiny awaits." Perhaps Ajira will be seen on the show, and Ben and the O6 will use this benefit to fly their own plane back to the island?? Bit out there...

Think that's everything you need to be caught up, do drop us comments on any further finds!

Update 1 - (Source: LostARGs): Most of the pages seem to have other messages in hex. They include:
  • So off they started about Irish sport and shoneen games the like of lawn tennis and about Hurley and putting the stone and racy of the soil and building up a nation once again and all of that. (From Ulysses by James Joyce... the writers said in a Dharma Special Access that it would be seen on the show).

Update 2 - Reports are suggesting that folding the sample boarding card using the origami instructions leads to the "GUM" letters on the card being seen inside the 3D ball. GUM indicates the Ajira flight location Guam. Also, if you use the numbers on the boarding card as latitude/longitude coordinates, you have 13 29.02'N and 144 47.50'E. Punch this one into Google Earth... and you're taken to Guam International Airport!!! Lost fans 1, TPTB 0.
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