Tuesday, December 16, 2008

DSA Week 4: A Muddy Q&A

Another week and another offering of pre-Season 5 delights, courtesy of Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Head over to Dharma Special Access and use the code "kapalaran" (a Filipino soap opera says Google?).

For your viewing pleasure this week:

1) There's a sneak peek preview of Season 5, showing Jack and Ben chatting about Locke (beware the spoilers, though tbh they don't give anything away really).

2) Damon and Carlton answer a few fan questions. The most interesting of which was one about "which came first - Dharma or the Monster". They categorically answer that the Monster was there first. Though some of you won't be surprised by this, a number of people were of the blast door map school of thought, which referenced the idea that Dharma had created "Cerberus" to do their bidding. Another good question mentioned the runway the Others were seen building on Hydra Island in Season 3. The writers clued to the idea that this construction (whether for launching or landing something) might be critical to Season 5's narrative.

They also mention in their email how filming has been halted in Hawaii due to a mudslide, but hopefully they'll be back in action in that location soon when they've restored the set. Best wishes to D&C with their filming, we're sure they're doing great!

Wonder if we'll get something even more juicy next week from DSA, considering it'll be a Dec 23rd edition... more Q&A please!!!
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