Saturday, December 27, 2008

Lostpedia in Top 100 Everything List

Lostpedia has narrowly made it into the Top 100 Everything of 2008 List. As you might be aware, sites like Entertainment Weekly often put out lists like "Top 100 web sites" or "Top 100 TV shows", so decided to make a fun list reflecting on the entire year. The list includes everything and anything: websites, shows, movies, news, even select lines from shows and film.

Lostpedia arrives at #97 - though not exactly up there, to be included in such a list where the options are so varied is a cool honor. Here's their description of what they earlier describe as a "a Web must":

The go-to source for all your Lost needs, Lostpedia helps us make sense of what we just watched and catches us up on the little details we missed. If it happens in the Lost universe, it's there. Get extensive background information on Vincent the dog, but beware of spoilers!

Slightly incorrect about spoilers, but we're not complaining. Many thanks to for the mention. Also, just fyi, Lost is also at #70 for the well-planned introduction of the Freighter folk. Anyway, are currently releasing the Top 100 in blocks of 10, so here's all the links we have so far (I'll try and update them later):

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