Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Join IRC on finale night!

Before, during, and after the Season 5 finale tonight, May 13th, be sure to drop by Lostpedia's chat room. You can chat with your browser by clicking here, or with your own IRC client pointed to #lostpedia. Read full details on how to use IRC with Lostpedia here.

IMPORTANT: Note that spoiler rules are based on the East coast USA broadcast of Lost, and that ABC promos and commercials are prohibited as they are also considered spoilers in-channel. Users who post spoilers may be banned without warning. Spoilers may be discussed in #lost-spoilers.

You can also match your wits against other fans by playing the largest Lost trivia game on the Internet using the Lostpedia trivia bot in #lostpediatrivia. Just type /join #lostpediatrivia to join the trivia game then type !trivia to begin. You can also play games like Hangman, Lingo, BS, and a Lost-themed Mafia in #lp-games. All chat channels are open every day, come join other Lost fans and see the biggest and most active Lost-related IRC channel on the Internet.
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