Monday, May 18, 2009

Twitter ARG Update 2 -- Real or not?

Even since yesterday, there has been quite a lot of buzzing going about Twitter regarding several new Twitter accounts, including the aforementioned Simeon Hobbes and Epithet Alpha, as well several new and questionable Twitter accounts that may or may not be related to the ARG (which is itself quite questionable as far as "official" goes). Below are the new ones listed, as well as my take on if they are real or fake. However, I could very well be wrong on any or all of these, so don't unfollow or follow based on my opinion.

The first new account that may or may not be connected to this possible ARG is @elliottgraves, who popped up yesterday and accused @simeonhobbes and @epithetalpha of being responsible for his brother's disappearance. Graves' avatar, the number 27, corresponds directly to the video "Who is Simeon Hobbes?" on YouTube, in which the morse code spelled out 27 repeatedly. Out of all of them, this one seems most likely to be connected to the this possible ARG and not some extraneous fan concoction.

Even before Elliott Graves popped up, someone named Esau Solon (@esausolon) also appeared, with their first post reading "You burned the Bad Twin. Shames on you." The misspelling of "shame" seems perhaps a reference to Lawrence Shames, who ghostwrote the book Bad Twin as Gary Troup. This post was followed up by "Teneo , MEUS NOMEN EST LOST. VOS Ero ELECTUS 7.1.2009," and then by "The Tryon holds the question." Though this seems interesting, I'm leaning toward unconnected. Very recently (while I was writing this blog, in fact), Esau Solon posted a base64 code which translated to "The professor of film holds the question. Tryon is the way towards the Swan." The account then messaged @chutry, an apparent real-life and unrelated Twitterer, with the message "Dad, give them the question." It is unknown what is meant by that or if @chutry is even involved with the @simeonhobbes game.

Soemone named Edmund Cartwright (@edmundloom) popped up about 23 hours ago, with the opening tweet "
We Shed so that we may Pick. We Pick so that we may Batten. We Batten so that we may Take Up unto Completion." I'm not exactly sure how this is connected, but I want to lean toward unconnected on this account as well. However, this account was mentioned by Elliott Graves, so it may be connected. I'm going to go with questionable.

Graves also mentioned Menhit (@FleurDeNoire), whose only post has been "The Empire Never Ended," which is a reference to a Philip K. Dick quote. Dick, who wrote the book VALIS which was featured in the episode "Eggtown," had many dreams about the phrase "the empire never ended," leading it to become a recurring quote in his books, including VALIS. As for the legitimacy of this account, I'm going to say that it's too soon to tell.

Another name mentioned by Graves was Opet (@TheCruxAnsata), who most recently posted a Tweet that stated (in morse code) that "It begins tomorrow." What begins is unknown. As with FleurDeNoire, it's too soon to tell.

Meanwhile, it appears that @epithetalpha's Twitter account has been hacked (likely as part of the game) by a person naming themself as
Aidoneus, and posting a link to It seems likely to me that this Aidoneus is actually Elliott Graves, who apparently has a similar vendetta against epithetalpha and Simeon Hobbes. Whatever the case, Aidoneus certainly believes that epithetalpha and Simeon Hobbes are bad people.

I'm not quite sure what to make of this new Twitter based potential ARG yet. Is any of it connected to the show, or is it still a fan having fun? Stay tuned for updates.

Update 1: No sooner do I post that than a new account pops up, courtesy of @edmundloom. @mrsmarkham, or Elizabeth Penrose, posted a link to a YouTube video which featured paintings being shown to music. The paintings appeared to be about battles between angels and demons.

Update 2: It certainly seems that the only accounts actually connected to the Simeon Hobbes game are @simeonhobbes, @epithetalpha and @elliottgraves. Is it official? Still uncertain, but its certainly interesting to watch!

Update 3: Due to the content being posted by @esausolon, I'm almost 100% certain that account is not related to the SimeonHobbes ARG.
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