Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Lostpedia Interview: Francois Chau, Part Two

Today has been a day of important announcements on the Lostpedia blog, and this is no exception. Francois Chau, famous for appearing on Lost as Dr. Pierre Chang, has agreed to do a second interview with Lostpedia. His first, which happened about a year ago, can be read here.

Questions for Mr. Chau can be submitted a number of ways. On the wiki, questions can be submitted through the interview talk page. On Lostpedia forums, questions can be submitted through this thread. On Twitter, questions can be submitted using the hashtag #lpinterview.

We're all very excited for this interview, so submit the best questions you can! And look out for the Lostpedia interview with Leslie Ishii, who played Pierre's wife Lara, to be posted in the next few days.
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