Sunday, February 24, 2008

Wanted : Lost: Via Domus Gamers

At the end of February, Lost: Via Domus the new video game will be released around the world. The games release will see hundreds of thousands of curious Lost fans, and thousands of Lostpedians playing the game for new information, to get the chance to explore the locations from the show, or simply to play it as a game.

Lostpedia is hoping to build a game guide/FAQ to go with the game, and is looking for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC gamers to help building the game guide. We'll need people finding puzzle results, finding clues and things that tie into the shows mythology and document it for everyone, like we have for the Lost ARGs and books.

We've just opened a sub-forum for the game on the Lostpedia Forums. Join us there and take part in votes and discussions about the game until it launches, so get ready, cause the game is nearly here!

P.S: Do you have screenshot or video taking capabilities for the different platforms? If so we'd love to have you recording answers for puzzles and clues and upload them to YouTube!
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