Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Rebecca Mader Interview

Just as the strike was winding down, Jon Lachonis of UGO interviewed new Lost actress Rebecca Mader (who plays Charlotte the freighter's archaeologist).

Lachonis also reveals he made a visit to the secret set of Lost during his visit to Hawaii last October: "In one day, I'd be on the set of Lost learning the nature of these new characters... At the last moment, ABC decided whatever they were filming that day was too secret for me to see, and my itinerary shifted a few days."

I'm dying to hear more about that set visit! However for now, we'll have to settle for this interview with a new cast member who is still a relative unknown among the fan community.

Here's an excerpt:

UGO: That's the first question I suppose. I'd read you were really enthusiastic for this part, how was it personally to have this strike come up and cut it short?

REBECCA: Oh, I was gutted. I was having such a good time. I had been out there for a few months so I had gotten to spend some time out there and have a great time. I was really, really disappointed. I never really thought it would last this long I was really optimistic, I really thought it would be three weeks or something I didn't think it was going to be three months y'know.

UGO: Do you follow the fan scene at all? The new characters are well received.

REBECCA: Oh yeah? I didn't know that...

Read more here.
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