Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lost Podcast back home

If you aren't an ardent follower of various Lost blogs, you probably didn't know there was a new official podcast following the Season 4 premiere. A day after the broadcast on Feb 1, a new video podcast featuring ABC podcast producer Kris White appeared in's general video section, but not the ABC Lost podcast page.

The oversight has apparently been remedied, and now it's listed a few days later as the "February 04, 2008" video podcast. Damon and Carlton do not appear, possibly due to the WGA strike. What are your theories for the delay? Simple chaos at the ABC web desk?

At any rate the new video podcast is entertaining. We get to see an underwater stunt for the filming of 4x01, and executive producer Jean Higgins is seen supervising in full-on SCUBA gear. Thanks Kris!
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