Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Lost Rewatch: 1x06 "House of the Rising Sun"

Now moving on to the sixth episode of the series, this is the first Sun/Jin centric episode we've had, and it opens up quite the can of worms.

The episode opens up with Sun observing Kate and Jack discussing Jack's tattoos, which he claims are personal. The tattoos in fact came from Achara in "Stranger in a Strange Land" (one of my least favorite episodes), and they mean "he walks among us, but is not one of us," according to the Others' sheriff, Isabel.

As Jack, Kate, and Charlie head off to the caves to get water, Sun has a flashback to her clandestine affair with Jin, a waiter. Jin is much more romantic then than he is on the Island, as a result of working for Sun's father. Sun refuses to elope with Jin because her father will not allow it, but Jin insists that he'll convince Mr. Paik.

Back on the Island, Jin assaults Michael. While this attack seems unprovoked, it's actually because Michael is wearing the watch that belonged to Jin. It's a sad twist, but after Michael escapes the Island, he will pawn the watch off for a gun to kill himself with, but that gun will ultimately not work. Ultimately, Sayid and Sawyer work to break up Jin and Michael, handcuffing Jin to the fuselage.

Meanwhile, at the caves, Charlie sneaks off to take some drugs when he is suddenly confronted by Locke, who tells him not to move. While Locke does not say anything about the drugs now, they will be the focus of next week's episode. Charlie's standing on a beehive, Locke says.

Back at the beach, Michael tells Sayid that in America, Koreans don't like blacks. This is slightly humorous, because Harold Perrineau will continue accusing people of racism even after he leaves the show. Sun tries to tell them that it's the watch, but they think she's talking about the handcuffs.

In a flashback, Jin goes to work for Sun's father, allowing them to be married.

Meanwhile, as Kate flees the bees, she sees a skeleton. It's Adam and/or Eve (who I think are Rose and Bernard). They have black and white stones on their bodies (another reference to the black and white of Rose and Bernard). Charlie makes a funny joke that Kate's shirt was full of C's, not bees, something that Kate doesn't seem to appreciate. Jack notices that one of the skeletons is female, and Locke dubs them "Adam and Eve."

In a flashback, Jin gives Sun a dog (which he actually recieved from Byung Han in exchange for not hurting him).

While Locke volunteers to search the fuselage at the caves with Charlie to "get to know him a little better," Jack realizes that the caves would be a good place to live. Locke stays with Charlie, and tells him that he's heard of Drive Shaft, and has both their albums. Locke tells Charlie that he'll see his guitar again, but Charlie is doubtful.

In a flashback, Sun prepares to leave Jin at the airport. Back on the Island, she reveals to Michael that she can speak English, though it's a secret from her husband because of his temper. The secret will be revealed to Jin by the episode "...In Translation," and we'll find out that Sun was right for not telling him.

Meanwhile, at the caves, Locke offers to help Charlie detox, telling him that he knows a lot about pain (after all, he was thrown from a window). Locke says that he'll help Charlie find his guitar if Charlie will give him the drugs. Charlie agrees, and Locke points up to show the guitar stuck in the canopy.

Michael confronts Jin, setting him free but giving him back the watch and telling him to stay away. In a flashback, Jin shows his more tender side to Sun by holding up a flower, convincing her not to leave him.

At the end of the episode, the group at the caves and the group at the beach both talk peacefully. It's not the last time that the survivors will split into factions, however.

As the episode ends, Charlie plays his guitar, slowly beginning his detox from the heroin.

And that's it for episode 1x06, "House of the Rising Sun." You can discuss the episode in this forum thread, read others' posts about it at the rewatch hub, and edit the episode's article.
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