Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Lost Rewatch: 1x11 "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues"

This long-titled episode is the eleventh of the series and season one, and definitely the first really action-packed episode since the Pilot. In the episode, with the revelation that Ethan was never on the plane, the survivors rush to find the missing Claire and Charlie, whom they realize have been taken. Leading the way is Jack, who feels guilty after never believing Claire's claims that she was in danger. Flashbacks in this episode concentrate on Jack's decision to stand up to his father and fight for what is right. So let's get started!

  • The survivors realize that Claire and Charlie have been "taken" by Ethan. However, what they don't know yet is that the Others only want Claire, and that Charlie will just be an expendable pawn. It's unknown why the generally friendly (according to flashbacks) Ethan has gone so bad, but my guess is that it's some psychological need to prove himself to Ben, who coldly left Ethan out of the kidnapping of Alex all those years ago.

  • Boone volunteers to go with Locke. This is the beginning of a master-apprentice relationship that will eventually end with Boone's death.

  • Sawyer asks "Who the hell is Ethan?" showing that he neither knows nor cares for many of the other survivors. He'll repeat this line when referring to Nikki and Paulo weeks later.

  • Boone tells Locke the etymology of redshirts, a term that will be used by fandom to describe expendables like Frogurt, Doug, and Arzt for years to come.

  • Walt shows his abilities while playing a game of backgammon with Hurley. His abilities certainly seem unconsciously telekinetic, more emotional than deliberate.

  • Walt tells Hurley that Hurley owes him $20,000, and Hurley tells Walt he'll get it. This statement seemed silly the first time around, but seven episodes later, when we discovered that Hurley was the lotto winner, it made perfect sense.

  • In flashbacks, Jack rats out his father's alcoholism to the hospital board, causing his father to lose his license. Christian will then travel to Australia, where he'll meet Sawyer, and tell Sawyer that he believes Jack did the right thing.

  • Ethan hangs Charlie, and Jack resuscitates him, although barely. This is an instance (in a very long line of instances) that Charlie has brushed with death, leading fate to course-correct until Charlie actually does die.

  • And then there's that wonderful moment that is perhaps the best moment of the first season: Locke and Boone find the hatch. It's submerged in the ground, covered by canopy and foliage. It's the first hint we've gotten of the DHARMA Initiative, even though DHARMA has long abandoned it, their pet project, after the massive purge. Desmond is underneath them in the hatch, carrying out the same routine that he has been for the past three years. Though it won't even be opened until the end of this season, this hatch is almost literally the tip of a completely new iceberg that will be the main focus of the rest of the show. Too bad Locke and Boone don't realize that there's a door nearby.
And that's it for episode 1x11, "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues." You can discuss the episode in this forum thread, read others' posts about it at the rewatch hub, and edit the episode's article.

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