Friday, October 03, 2008

What will Tuesday hold?

The Dharma recruitment drive officially ends October 7th, but will this conclusion also be the close to the ARG? We assume that the December 15th release of individual results is due to the large number of registered users, and the amount of time it'll probably take TPTB to wade through it all. But will the meantime bridge contain a new chapter, or will next week be a full conclusion and then cyber silence?

The test 7 email certainly clues to a finale, mentioning Hans Van Eeghen's superiors again, the "executive board of the Dharma Initiative". I wonder if we'll learn more about them... will their faces be familar perhaps?

Would you like to see a new development after next week? Or would you prefer a little relax time? Whenever the official end, let's hope Tuesday will be a great climactic end to the testing procedure!
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