Monday, January 18, 2010

Post 400 : The Promos post

Well, with 15 days to go to the US airing, and with most countries due to see the final season within 3 days of that airing, the promo clips from around the world are appearing thick and fast. ABC's promos have been criticized by fans as being lacklustre and lazy. Here are a few of them:

Two, well yes, lazy promotional clips indeed. It seems ABC has pretty much given up on those aspects of the show that pulled fans into it in the first place, the intrigue and fascination.

But be thankful for the international broadcasters, who are giving us excellent and exciting promotions for the show. For example, this one from Hot HD in Israel.

Or this superb piece, put to Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place from Spanish Network Cuatro

In the UK they've had teasers since November! This one by far more interesting than anything ABC has put out so far:

So even if you are being starved of interesting trailers in the United States, your appetite can be whetted by some of the amazing things being produced by the International partners. If only ABC would pay to use them!

This is our 400th post on Lostpedia Blog too. We'll probably get to 500 before the Season 6 is over, so be prepared for a bumpy ride with just 15 days to go!
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