Saturday, September 19, 2009

Frame 6 clues

Apologies for the lateness, as someone mentioned in comments. This blogger has just moved house yesterday and has no Internet, so you can forgive me for being a little behind (shakes fist!). Anyways, currently using Internet cafe technology, thereby showing immense commitment... but let's get clueing!

DCPB has updated with a... star... a silver star. There are currently many theories, but it's so early days there's little in me that wants to speculate. A silver star could mean a lot of things...

Check back to this post for clue updates.

Update 1 - The star now has a pink cross over it. Still awaiting a sound theory as of yet... perhaps TPTB took on a previous comment of mine that the previous clues were too easy. Either way, I like being able to research online, even when I have as-of-yet no idea of the answer!

Update 2 - Again sorry for a delay in updating. DCPB now has a seat layout, and a guitar. LostARGs have the answer - the pink cross is a hint to Blink 182, while the guitar belongs to a member of Fallout Boy. Both are on at the center in Dallas on Sept 23rd... sounds about right!
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