Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Frame #4 Released - Very Nice!

DCPB updated with an image advising us to go to Crumbs in LA or NYC today to get the new DHARMA URL. It seems a bit short notice this time, but hey we still got the URL. Thanks to Zort70 for letting us know that it's icangetyoupeanutbutter.com

Looking at the frame, it truly is my favorite so far - a beautiful design by Eric Tan that focuses on Jack. The color is great too, and the likenesses are brilliant. It's the first one for me where I can imagine having it on my wall... and I'm very tempted to get it. Hmm.

So maybe I'm biased, but I think this one will sell out fast! It goes on sale around midday PST. Be ready peeps!

**Important Update** - The time has been changed to midday EST!! So don't get caught out, dear Lost fans!!!

Update 2 - Frame 4 sold out in just over an hour after release - looks like my prediction was quite right - definitely the most popular poster so far.
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