Friday, November 21, 2008

The Fray Season 5 Trailer Live

The new season 5 trailer, a mix of Lost clips and the new music video by The Fray, entitled "You Found Me" (do you see what they did there?) has gone up on

Being British, I obviously didn't get to see it during Grey's Anatomy, and my music taste is generally less suited to the MOR stylings of The Fray, however as a Lost devotee I did my duty, and grinned, gritting my teeth whilst bearing the new song. Sure enough, the song itself was exactly what I expect of The Fray, but that wasn't the reason I decided to watch the clip. There were many short segments in the video that could be considered spoilers, so I'll not discuss them here. I will just leave a copy of the video should you decide to clip play yourself (You have been warned!)

However, there was some information on the trailer, which is so abstract that it couldn't possibly be considered a spoiler, as we have absolutely no idea what it means yet...

Who are Ajira Airways?
Anyone else brave enough to add their e-mail address and see what happens?

Edit: Forum user theotherbilly has discovered that Ajira, when transliterated from its Hindi origin means "Island or Isle". Good find!
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