Wednesday, November 26, 2008

DSA post 1

Sorry for the late report - but as many of you will know by now if you're signed up to the Dharma mailing list, the first Dharma Special Access is available at this address. Your password is "lafleur" in case you missed the memo.

There's three videos. The first shows Damon and Carlton explaining, in all but explicit terms, that the ARG is over due to budget cuts, and so to say sorry they're offering exclusive content every week to us Dharma folk (which 2 days later is posted on ABC for all people to see).

Video 2 shows the guys at the Meltdown event, which the previous blog entry by Santa has eloquently covered. Finally video 3 is a run-down of Lost so far, similar to those "Lost in 4:15" or whatever things they released earlier this year. The dry witted female narrator remains, and I found it a nice refresher.

Hopefully next week's one will be more fruitful, however, with the possibility of the guys answering some fan questions.
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