Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Dharma message in Lost Season 5 trailer

The word "old news" might spring to mind, but I haven't seen this reported on any of the ARG sites, and indeed we haven't reported it here so here we go.

I know discussing a Lost Season 5 trailer is very spoilery and not what we're about. However, you might have noticed subliminal messages in the trailer if you were looking closely - namely an advertisement for the Dharma Initiative. You can see the Season 5 trailer here, but again I warn about spoils (though they are minor, and I don't class a trailer as a spoiler anyway).

But at any rate, you can see what I'm talking about in the image - right in the middle of the trailer there's the new DI brand logo. So what does this mean? Well it might be linking the ARG to Season 5, so we might just see the new DI in the new season, and they might play some bigger role?

A very minor "clue" - but anything is better than nothing at the moment.
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