Tuesday, May 20, 2008

User account creation disabled (spoiler lockdown)

Due to vandalism that has occurred repeatedly since the release of the previously discussed spoilers for There's No Place Like Home Parts 2 & 3 on DarkUFO, we have had to temporarily disable user account creation on Lostpedia. Unfortunately some members of the community seem to be focused on destroying the surprise and enjoyment of the show for the majority of the fans, so we've had to take this action to protect everyone who visits from the malicious actions of a few.

Sorry everyone, but when we are faced with a choice between releasing sensitive information like this unwittingly (due to the very nature of a wiki being editable by anyone), and stopping a few members from creating memberships, we decided not to spoil it and limit member creation.

User account creation will be re-enabled once Season 4 has finished on May 29th.
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