Saturday, May 31, 2008

Actor talks resume

The primetime contract negotiations between the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the producers group (AMPTP) restarted again this week.

The clock is ticking toward the June 30 expiration of the actors' contract. The pressure is on SAG as their sister actor union AFTRA have reached a tentative deal, a deal which opened the way for SAG to resume negotiations which had ended three weeks ago with some signs of progress. However the union leadership doesn't seem as if it will budge timidly from some of its sticking points, primarily in DVD and new media/Internet compensation, no matter what compromises AFTRA recently made. Read more at Variety.

A strike authorization is a big step, and not a certainty, given the recent writers strike.

Anything is still possible, and given the phenomenal ending of Lost Season 4, it would be a shame if the filming of Season 5 was delayed by yet another Hollywood strike.

(If you're just learning about this news, you can catch up with our summary here.)
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