Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Summer blues? Lostpedia has the answers

Talk about a slow few weeks, huh. No Lost to speak of. But what have we been doing at Lostpedia? Well there's a few new things going on. First off, there's the episode rewatch scheme. At this moment in time we're on Solitary and Raised By Another, the basic idea being watch em again years on and appreciate em, chat about them on Lostpedia forum, and maybe update the corresponding episode articles on the wiki. Bound to give you your Lost fix through the dry season.

Next up is Lostpedia's fan fic Season 4, taking place on the forums. I've read some of the material being produced, and its really great, also the fact that for episode 2 there was 40 submitted scripts shows there's huge variety, and a lot of budding playwrights and the like in the Lost community. Check em out, and maybe think of your own stuff - I wrote one for episode 1 and really enjoyed the experience (though made a rather cataclysmic canon blunder, one which I shall never live down - thank god its an anonymous ballot....).

Finally, all that remains is to discuss the latest tweak to the wiki - nice new headers for the Main homepage and Community Portal, inspired by our Portuguese and French counterparts. Those guys know how to code I must say - let us know what you think about the new thumb designs and headers - not too shabby huh. Also please light us up if its causing your browser to bug out.

Well that's it for now guys, take care and I hope ya'll enjoying the summertime, the living ain't easy without Lost, but stick with Lostpedia and you'll get through it lol. Oh and by the way, hope you like today's Lostbook design on the wiki ;-)

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