Thursday, July 26, 2007

Thetailsection at Comic Con 2007

''Lost'' fansite The Tail Section has just posted a regularly-updated news page for events from Comic Con 2007. The long-anticipated ''Lost'' panel with J.J. Abrams and Carlton Cuse was today, and The Tail Section has two correspondents covering the news live, user "Tapdawg" as well as The Lost Ninja, who is better known to fans as the official Australian blogger for The Lost Experience last summer.

Here's some of their top scoops (beware of spoilers!):
- Michael will return in Season 4 as a regular cast member once again, though how and when during the Season he will appear is unknown.
- There will be many more flash forwards in coming episodes as well as flashbacks. Flashforwards will be difficult to plot on a timeline, with some occurring a year later, five years later, perhaps even ten years later.
- Jack and Claire will discover their relation.
- Ben was caught by Rousseau's trap in Season 2 accidentally, and we will learn how and why during Season 4.
- Getting off the Island is not the end of the story for the Losties.
- No Lost Experience will happen this hiatus but its "looking good" that they'll be another one during the S4-S5 gap.
- Richard Alpert may not appear next season or at least in a much more limited capacity (presumably due to other commitments?)
- No title for the Season 4 premiere just yet.
- Libby's absence in S3 was not intentional, she'll be appearing in S4.
- It was stated that Cerberus (on blast door map) is one name for the Monster, but then again the Monster goes by many names. They also said that information about the Monster will be given, such as its origins, but the answers might not be answers we expect or construe as concrete explanations (they used the example of what was in the Halliburton case, just another mystery in the form of the toy plane etc).
- A Rousseau flashback will occur either in S4 or if not definitely S5. The reason for the delays is that her flashback will coincide with a major plot line about the mysteries of the Island, and the writers were unsure whether that plot line would be addressed this coming Season.
- It was hinted that Lost Season 4 may be shown on Fridays in the US. Carlton Cuse commented that it would be nice to go home after work on a Friday and watch Lost.

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